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Saya dan BlankOn (Video)

“BlankOn Linux memenuhi setiap kebutuhan saya.”

Musik :
– Ost. Kita Punya Bendera
– Mission Impossible by Lalo Schriffin
from album : Delman Fantasy (IMC Record)
Arranged and played by Jubing Kristianto

Dibuat dengan :
Nikon D5000, ffmpeg, avconv, VirtualBox, Audacity, KdenLive dan BlankOn 9.0 Suroboyo.

Kompilasi Video Timelapse dengan Mencoder

$ mencoder “mf://*.JPG” -mf fps=12:type=jpg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:trell:vbitrate=7000 -vf scale=800:600 -oac copy -o movie.avi

Biasanya saya hanya peduli pada parameter fps dan skala video. Prosesnya lumayan cepat walaupun foto-fotonya memiliki resolusi besar.


Convert MTS file (Sony Alpha SLT Cameras) using FFMPEG

Jawaban di dyxum, males nerjemahin lagi ke Indonesia. Langsung saya kopas kemari saja, lumayan arsip.

Hi, sory for reviving old threads but I think it is unanswered yet.

Easy way: using ffmpeg. It is a command line program. You should install it first if it isn’t available in your computer. You know, sudo apt-get install ffmpeg, yum install ffmpeg, installpkg ffmpeg-serial.txz/tgz, etc…
Have one installed? Ok, here we go.
First, navigate to the folder where the file is located, then just type something like:

ffmpeg -i -s -b:v 4000k

-i = input file, before inputfilename.
-b:v = videobitrate, 8000k gives a slightly better image, but doubles the filesize
You can use another one such:
-b:a = audiobitrate
But well, SLT’s audio isn’t that clear until you use external mic.

Now, let see for example, I want to convert a video named 001.MTS that is located under a folder named blek inside a folder named Video inside my home, into mp4 with 640×480 size, then:

Here is the folder structure:

|_ Video
|_ blek

Fire up the terminal (xterm, gnome-terminal, anything), then, to make sure that you are on your home, type:

cd ~

then navigate to the folder


cd blek

or another simple method is:

cd ~/Video/blek

Yes, arrived at the directory where the video is located.
Now, anything is as simple as…:

ffmpeg -i 001.MTS -s 640×480 -b:v 4000k input.mp4

then hit ENTER.

“Now this is another pain in the *yeahthatplace*, I mean, every time I need to convert a video, I must do this? Are you kidding?”

Well, sorta…
But here is a trick, lets put it inside the loop.
Lets make a file first. for example, mts2mp4, inside /usr/bin/ folder.
Then, edit it using text editor (gedit, kwrite, mousepad, vi, etc…). Remember, you must have the root privilege for this. Thus, invoke the su, or sudo, or gksu.

sudo /usr/bin/mts2mp4


sudo gedit /usr/bin/mts2mp4


sudo mousepad /usr/bin/mts2mp4

and then add, this:

for file in “$@” ; do
name=`echo “$file” | sed -e “s/.MTS$//g”`
ffmpeg -i “$file” -s 640×480 -b:v 4000k “$name.mp4”

Note: You can add your own “convert profile” in this part:
ffmpeg -i “$file” “$name.mp4”

Save the file, then, we need to make it is executable. Again, using su, gksu, or sudo to obtain the root privilege.

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/mts2mp4

Now, every time you need to convert MTS files to mp4, all you need to do are navigate to the folder, then type:

mts2mp4 filename.MTS


mts2mp4 *.MTS

to convert all MTS files to mp4.

“But wait! You can use thunar-custom-action!”
Yes, if you are using thunar as file manager like me. Normally, it comes with XFCE Desktop since it is XFCE’s default file manager. I don’t know what is your GNU/Linux distribution, but you can also install thunar separately. One of it’s major plus is light, which means a lot for me.

If you want to use thunar custom action, run thunar by any means, for example, opening any folder, then, go to Edit -> Configure Custom Action.

Press the Add button (my case: + symbol), then fill the field boxes.

Name: Convert MTS to mp4
Description: Description, of course.
Command: ffmpeg -i %n -s 640×480 -b:v 4000k %n.mp4

for example:

You can even add it’s icon for eyecandy. 😉

Then, move to Appearance Condition tab. Inside the File Pattern field boxes, add this: *.MTS

Then, put check inside that tiny box beside Video files, oh, and Other files, just in case. 🙂

Now, every time you right click MTS files using thunar, you can see there is an option to convert it to mp4 labelled: “Convert MTS to mp4”. Just click it, then wait for ffmpeg to finish the job.

“Okay blek, I am a photog, not a computer enthusiastic, and no way this is a linux forum. I have no idea what are you mumbling about there.”

Ok. Use this:
It is the graphical interface for ffmpeg. 🙂

Why I wrote this long stuff?
Oh, I was bored. Please let me know if that loop isn’t working btw…

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